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Thank you for visiting Stratus Web Design where we put your needs first!

We at Stratus take pride in our websites and our ability to satisfy our clients. Many companies in the web design industry don't care what happens after your website is finished, WE DO! After all without you our business would be nothing. Website design is a constantly evolving industry with more and more consumers shifting to e-commerce shopping daily, is your website ready? Just because it looks ok doesn't mean it is so find out how well your site was built with a free evalutation!

Our Process


We investigate your needs and make sure that we are on the same page as you. Next we will work on analyzing competitive sites to help you gain an edge in your current marketplace and make sure you are up to date on any industry specific website standards.

Design and Development

After everything is ready to go we will begin developing your website. Website design begins with the initial framework after that we will work closely with you to finish the site with content, pictures, and graphics. 


After the site has been developed we will begin testing across all major browsers and platforms to ensure users always have the best experience and any bugs that may be present are gone before the launch.

Monitoring and Updating

Depending upon your needs this stage can range from active monitoring to occasional drop-ins. We will also periodically touch base with you just to make sure that the information presented on your site is still accurate and up-to-date.



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